How to Make a Front Door Planter with Winter Evergreens


Christmas planter are simple and easy to create!

Front door planters and urns look so festive filled with live evergreen boughs!

I love to fill my front door urns with greens and twigs that I collect from my yard to create a beautiful, wintery display, and it has become a yearly tradition.

It’s simple and easy, and here’s how I do it:

Materials Needed for an Christmas Evergreen Planter

The list of supplies for a Christmas planter is uncomplicated with only 3 basic supplies needed.

Gather a collection of twigs and evergreens.

1. A Mix of Branches and Evergreens

I start by gathering a mix of deciduous branches and fresh, coniferous winter greens with varied textures from my yard, but not everyone has that availability.

Seasonal greens can usually be found at garden centers and other stores around the middle of November.

I have a stand of Saskatoon bushes, so I used some bare twigs from there, but any twigs will do. Some Dogwood varieties have lovely red bark.

Then I pick a collection of Spruce, Cedar, and Juniper boughs, with a smattering of Fall Sedum stalks.

I don’t have Pine and Fir varieties in my yard, but they would be amazing, too. Any evergreen branches will work!

2. Inexpensive Soil

This will be the only time I will say to find the cheapest soil you can find, and that’s because it serves to keep the stems in place.

I usually use whatever soil I have on hand.

3. Water

And then you’ll need some water.

Water has a different function, depending on your location.

In northern climates, the water functions to add stability to arrangement as the weather cools and the water freezes everything in place.

For warmer climates, the soil helps to keep the boughs hydrated because they will turn brown if they are dehydrated for a long period of time.

How to Build the Arrangement

Once all the materials are gathered, it’s time to arrange them. This is where you can let your creativity flow!

First, I fill the planter up to the top with soil.

Then, I place the bare branches.
Next, I fill with spruce branches.
Then, I add in cedar & juniper.

Then, I start by placing the bare branches at the back to establish height.

Next, I layer in the spruce boughs to make the planter nice and full.

After that, I place cedar and juniper branches to spill out the front and to add a different  texture to the spruce.

Autumn Sedums add some pink.
Branch lights add some sparkle.

After this is all complete, I dot some Fall Sedums stalks into the arrangement for interest for colour and texture.

Their autumn pink flowers eventually dry and turn a bronze colour.

I finish it all off with branch lights that I set on a timer.

Once all the branches are in place, I thoroughly soak the soil with water.

As the weather cools in my zone 3-4 garden, the soil will freeze and hold the branches sturdily in place.

Subzero weather also helps to the branches to retain their green colour.

I have had evergreens look great until March!

The final touch is decorations.

Then I finish off the arrangement with decorations to ring in the holiday feel!

And now it’s Your turn!

Evergreen front door displays are perfect for Christmas and all winter long. They add a lively and green look to your front door that is perfect for the season! Now, gather whatever greens you like and put together your own front door displays. You can do this, I know it!

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