Growing Perennials

Perennials give structure to a flower garden  and never cease to fascinate they wake up in spring from a long winter’s nap.  Each perennial offers colour and texture in their season of bloom – delve in and see what splendid choices we have for our zone 3 and 4 gardens.

How to Grow Lavender

Grow Luscious Lavender with These Tips! Lavender, that romantically fragrant flowering plant from the Mediterranean region, is an herb for every gardener’s collection. If you’re looking

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How to Store Seeds

Are you a seed collector? I am. I have a way of amassing an impressive collection of seeds that I purchase each spring, plus I

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How to Deadhead Hostas

Hostas are Great Shade Perennials Hostas are famous for adding colour and texture to shade gardens with their jaw-dropping foliage. Hostas with chartreuse foliage in

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