How to Choose the Perfect Hanging Basket:

Discover Which Hanging Baskets will Work Best in Your Location

Geranium Comparison Chart:

 Find out which Geranium is the Right One for Your Garden Space

How to Keep Your Hanging Baskets and Flower Containers Thriving all Season:

Use this TENDing Guide to direct the care of your hanging baskets and flower containers during the growing season

Balcony Plant Ideas with Big Impact

Use this chart with to guide balcony plant choices for sunny or shady locations.

The Best Annuals & Perennials for Zone 3-4 Pollinator Gardens

A Guide for Attracting Pollinators During the Entire Growing Season

Hydrangea Comparison Chart:

Find out which Hydrangea is the Right One for Your Garden Space

Perennial Flowering Reference Chart

Plan a season full of flowers with this Zone 3-4 Reference Chart that outlines spring, summer, and fall blooming perennials.

Plant Pairings for Containers in Sunny & Shady Growing Spaces

These Plant Pairing Charts are full of ideas to plan great containers in either sunny or shady growing locations.

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