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About me

The first thing I want to express is that people matter.  You matter.  And that’s the impetus for this whole Gardening with Sharon idea.

My dream is to see you flourish no matter your circumstances, and to see you thrive and win at the gardening game.  Gardening teaches us great life lessons.

I’m Sharon, a passionate horticulturist with over 30 years of gardening and greenhouse growing experience both here in Alberta and on the tropical island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  I’m a successful entrepreneur of 2 businesses and am beginning my journey to a 3rd.

My family has deep roots in the gardening and greenhouse realm that go back over 100 years. I am a 3rd generation greenhouse grower, with a specialty in annuals and perennials, and also worked as greenhouse retail and marketing strategist alongside my husband, Dan Murphy.

I have spoken at the Green Industry Golf Superintendents Conferences in Alberta sharing my expertise and it’s so fun!

I formally trained as a nurse, and now I am taking my nurturing spirit and applying it to plants and to the people who grow them.  I’m a lover of gardening, children, family, music, and all things life giving.

Through this website, I desire to make my 30+ years of horticultural experience available to garden enthusiasts of every level here in my hometown of Edmonton, throughout the Canadian prairies and the world, so we can come alongside one another and share in this amazing adventure we call gardening.

It is my hope to cultivate a community on this site where gardening is simple and fun; and you are inspired to thrive.

Let’s make a more beautiful and life-giving world together!

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