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Have you ever wondered which vegetables complement each other or how to plant a garden that will support itself and flourish?

This online store has the answers!

Sharon has spent a lifetime working with vegetables, annuals, and perennials to learn how they behave, things that they do and don’t like, and how different plants work alongside each other.

She has made a collection of charts to help you put together the perfect garden.

You can purchase the charts separately, bundled, and you can even add in her very own children’s book if you would like!

Thank you for supporting your very own local gardener.

Sharon's Book: The perfect place for plants

In this children’s book, the greenhouse comes to life as Morgan and Emmy learn from their Grandpa how to care for plants, and the value greenhouses bring. Illustrated by Wanda Benterud.

$19.99 (CAD)

The Companion Planting Chart

Learn the best plants to pair together as well as what plants simply don’t mesh. This companion planting chart will protect you from garden mistakes!

$6.00 (CAD)

The Vegetable Planting Chart

Everything you need to know about planting vegetable gardens. Learn tips and tricks for the most common vegetables in zone 3/4 gardens as well as what vegetables will work and thrive together!

$6.00 (CAD)

Bundle: Vegetable Planting Chart & Companion Planting Chart

The ultimate duo. Find everything you need to know about companion and vegetable gardening with these two comprehensive guides. Just like the plants you’ll find in these charts, the two guides work together like a match made in heaven.


Bundle: Book + Vegetable Planting Chart & Companion Planting Chart

Find all the answers you’ve been seeking about growing great vegetables and planting a companion garden with these two fantastic charts. While you’re at it, get Sharon’s wholesome children’s book to teach the kids in your life about the importance of greenhouses and gardening.

$29.99 (CAD)

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