Children + Plants + Gardens = Love

Let’s engage children in cultivating a greener world!

I offer customized, in-shool field trips. These educational, multidisciplinary field trips will enhance and expand classroom knowledge by involving students with hands-on, multisensory experiences centered around gardening, growing plants, and learning how we can be good stewards of our amazing world.

Field Trip Details

Activities include:

  • Book reading of Sharon’s book: The Perfect Place for Plants

  • A signed book will be gifted to the class

  • Multisensory Learning Centers

  • Observation and Discussion
  • Each student will plant their own flower to take home

More Details:

The general outline of this field trip includes an interactive reading of Sharon’s book, The Perfect Place for Plants, a  PowerPoint and learning centers that cover learning outcomes appropriate for each grade:

  • Kindergarten & Division 1:  Interactive learning stations include things like sensory bins, drawing & colouring,  puzzles, and planting a flower to take home
  • Division 2: Learning Stations with creative, multisensory activities like flip books, seed sorting, interactive worksheets, seed sorting, and planting a flower to take home
  • There might even be even some singing!


I provide all the materials necessary for this field trip.  Teachers and parent volunteers are an integral part of making this field trip delightful.

Alberta Learning Outcomes to be Covered:

Division 1:

Kindergarten: Plant parts & functions, The Needs of Plants

Grade 1:  Seasonal Changes, The Needs of Animals & Plants

Grade 2:  Exploring Liquids (the Movement of Water), Small Crawling & Flying Animals (Pollinators)

Grade 3:  Investigating Soils

Division 2:

Grade 4:  Plant Growth & Changes, Structures & Functions, Plant Needs, Photosynthesis, Plant Adaptations

Grade 5:  Classroom Chemistry (Fertilizer), Wetland Ecosystems, Pollinators

Guidelines for Booking In-School Field Trips with Gardening with Sharon

Current COVID Guidelines will be adhered to as outlined by Alberta Healthcare Services.

  • Determine how many sets of materials needed for the field trip, a minimum of 20 students is requested.
  • Encourage other classes in your school to do a fieldtrip on the same day too and we can make it a whole morning, afternoon, or day of learning & planting!
  • I will provide the plants and materials needed.
  • The school will be invoiced upon receipt of field trip materials and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.
  • If there are changes in the amount of materials needed, please notify Sharon 1 week ahead of time.

Field Trip Costs:

Planting Field Trip:

$16 per student within the Greater Edmonton Area including:

  • Beaumont 
  • Ft Saskatchewan
  • Sherwood Park
  • Spruce Grove
  • Stony Plain

A travelling fee will be applied  for schools outside of this area

Field Trip Date Change Policy

Sometimes life happens and we get it.

Field Trip dates can be changed within a one week window provided that dates are available.

Field Trip Cancellations

Here are the guidelines for cancelling when there are no other alternatives:

  • Field trips may be cancelled up to 10 business days ahead of the field tip date at no charge.
  • Field trips cancelled in less than 10 business days of the field trip date will be charged $75

Contact Sharon today to book a field trip day or for more information on school field trips