Children + Plants + Gardens = Love

Let’s engage children in cultivating a greener world!

I offer customized, in school and virtual field trips. These educational, multidisciplinary field trips will enhance and expand classroom knowledge by involving students with hands-on, multisensory experiences centered around gardening and growing plants.

Field Trip Details

Activities include:

  • Book reading of Sharon’s book: The Perfect Place for Plants

  • A signed book will be gifted to the class

  • Observation

  • Each student will plant their own flower to take home

Activities May Include:

Depending on where we are at with the COVID pandemic, whether the fieldtrip is virtual or in person, and on the age and grade, other activities may include some of the following:

  • Q & A discussion on book writing & Illustrating, greenhouses, plant growth processes and other science related topics for each grade.
  • A second signed book will be gifted to a student in a raffle or some other method if that will work for your class.
  • Sensory Bins
  • Drawing & Colouring
  • Playdough
  • Mixing Soils
  • And maybe even some singing!

Alberta Learning Outcomes to be Covered:

Division 1:

Grade 1:  Seasonal Changes, The Needs of Animals & Plants

Grade 2:  Exploring Liquids (the Movement of Water), Small Crawling & Flying Animals (Pollinators)

Grade 3:  Investigating Soils

Division 2:

Grade 4:  Plant Growth & Changes

Grade 5:  Classroom Chemistry (Fertilizer), Wetland Ecosystems

Guidelines for Booking In-School Field Trips with Gardening with Sharon

Current COVID Guidelines will be adhered to as outlined by Alberta Healthcare Services.

  • Determine how many sets of material you need for the field trip, minimum of 20 students.
  • Encourage other classes in your school to do a fieldtrip on the same day too and we can make it a whole morning, afternoon, or day of planting!
  • For virtual field trips, plants and materials will be delivered ahead of time depending on COVID guidelines and restrictions. COVID guidelines and restrictions will be adhered to.
  • For in-school fieldtrips, I will bring the plants and materials with me.
  • The school will be invoiced upon receipt of field trip materials and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.
  • If there are changes in the amount of material needed, please notify Sharon 1 week ahead of time.

Field Trip Costs:

Planting Field Trip:

This field trip is based on reading the book and planting a flower.

$15 per student within the Greater Edmonton Area including:

  • St Albert
  • Sherwood Park
  • Ft Saskatchewan
  • Beaumont
  • A travelling fee will be applied to the invoice for schools outside of this area


Virtual Field Trip:

This field trip is based on learning outcomes and customized for the needs of the class and teacher.   I love to come alongside teachers and help in the areas of my specialty, so let’s connect online!

A planting field trip where the teachers supply their own pots, soil, and plants will be considered a Virtual Field Trip.

Each class will be mailed a signed free copy of my book, The Perfect Place for Plants.

$200 for a 40 min – 1 hour presentation

$100 per additional class streaming along

Field Trip Date Change Policy

Sometimes life happens and we get it.

  • Field Trip dates can be changed within a one week window provided that dates are available.

Field Trip Cancellations

Here are the guidelines for cancelling when there are no other alternatives:

  • Field trips may be cancelled up to 10 business days ahead of the field tip date at no charge.
  • Field trips cancelled in less than 10 business days of the field trip date will be charged $75

2021 Available Dates for School Field Trip Bookings:

March 2021

Monday, 29
Tuesday, 30
Wednesday, 31

April 2021

Friday, 2
Friday, 9?
Monday, 12
Tuesday, 13
Wednesday, 14
Thursday, 15
Tuesday, 20
Wednesday, 21
Thursday, 22
Friday, 23?
Monday, 26
Tuesday, 27
Friday, 20

May 2021

Wednesday, 5
Thursday, 6
Friday, 7?
Monday,  10
Tuesday, 11
Wednesday, 12
Thursday, 13
Tuesday, 18
Wednesday, 19
Thursday, 20
Friday, 21
Tuesday, 25
Monday, 31

June 2021

Tuesday, 1
Friday, 4
Monday,  7
Tuesday, 8
Wednesday, 9
Thursday, 10
Tuesday, 15
Wednesday, 16
Thursday, 17
Friday, 18
Monday, 21
Tuesday, 22

Contact Sharon today to book a field trip day or for more information on school field trips